Bonus: New Story of Creation

Knowing that the Jewish people were in exile in Babylon, they used the sequence in the Mesopotamian creation myth Enuma Elish as the basis for their own existential reflections on the world (Jews and Christians believe that the answers to these existential questions are revelations).

Today, thanks to the curiosity of scientists and the observations and analyses of biologists, geologists and astrophysicists, we are immersed in a very different modern cosmology. This new sequence of evolution of the Earth and life is nevertheless orderly and beautiful, but it lacks the existential answers we find in Genesis 1 and the rest of the Bible.

So what an inspiring text we could read if God's action were revealed to us in contemporary evolutionary stories.

So I offer this Creation Story 2.0, which may one day be published with commentary and images if a publisher is interested.

This poetic text is similar to the rhythm of Genesis 1, but the many steps are grouped by three creative acts "God said:", followed by a choice of God, three creative acts and so on.

Enjoy reading!

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