In this course we will teach you everything we know about Spirituality of Creation, also called Christian Eco-spirituality.

But knowledge alone is not enough: you must remain active throughout the course!

This is why we recommend that you watch it with a notebook. Choose a booklet, notebook or stack of paper, or open a new word processing file (e.g. *.doc in Word). Don't forget to indicate the title "Spirituality of Creation" and write the date each time you write. 

We recommend that you open your notebook at any time to write your thoughts from a lesson that inspires you. You should also open it when you see the following logo.


When this logo appears on a page, open your notebook and answer the question on the screen. Let's start with a first question:

In your own life, what are the foundations of your Creation spirituality? Why do you relate to nature, God's Creation?

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